Thank you for visiting my site.

Getting here is already a great step towards the solution of problems we were never certain they ever existed.
All of us go through moments of pressure and doubts in our lives, but it is not certain that for each one of these questions there is an answer.
Finding answers is not always an easy process, but it will always be possible if we believe that we are not alone along this journey.
The psychotherapist´s role is to facilitate the process so that we ourselves find answers, which,
many times, are very close to us, but we cannot notice.

As Sigmund Freud used to say:

´We would be better, if we were not so good.´

That represents the continuous human being´s dissatisfaction to always look for improvement.
And when we do not find it, we feel small and incomplete, totally unbalanced.

Let´s schedule a talk. I am sure I will be able to help you to find the balance.